Breakwater Reading: April Edition

5476508793_0651f22b2c_bJoin us Friday, April 15 at 7 pm in the basement of the Brookline Booksmith for the April edition of the Breakwater Reading Series. Listen to the wonderful fiction and poetry of MFA students from Boston University, Emerson, and UMass Boston.

Here are the readers!


Zyanya Dickey loves three things most in the whole world-her loved ones, equal rights for women, and soul-nurturing pizza. She hails from El Paso where she learned how to create the most delicious Mexican recipes from her family (Zee makes the best enchiladas around!).  In 2013, Zee ventured to Boston to pursue her MFA in Fiction from Emerson College, a degree she will officially earn in May. Besides writing kick-ass fiction, you can find Zee teaching composition, dancing, reading Jhumpa Lahiri, and being altogether fierce.

Suzi E-Z

Suzi Ehtesham-Zadeh is a bit of a cultural chameleon. The product of a mixed-marriage between a high-profile Iranian father and a small-town American mother, she was born in Washington, D.C., came of age in Iran during the Shah’s era, and later spent large chunks of her life in Spain. She is well acquainted with the phenomenon of “culture-straddling” that her characters feel. It is a bit of a paradox that she has lived for most of the past two decades on a mini-farm in Woodstock, Georgia, where she has an organic farm and keeps a small menagerie of animals. A career English teacher, Suzi has dabbled in writing on the side for a long time. Her work has appeared in Quiddity Literary Journal, Mobius Magazine, Foundling Review, Narrative Northeast, and Skin to Skin Press.

Oyster Farm

Jordan Escobar has been many things in many places: a grape grower, an almond rancher,  a goat wrangler, a steer wrestler, a wrestling coach, a phlebotomist, a hod carrier, a concrete mixer, a pipe layer, a ditch digger, a longshoreman, a chicken farmer, a quail farmer, an oyster farmer, a hog breeder, a stableboy, an assisted reproduction technologist, a collector of horse semen, a collector of dog semen, a collector of cattle semen, a collector of crane semen, a collector of hippo semen, an aquarium docent, a zoo employee, a hunter, a hiker, a horseback rider, and perhaps strangest of all, an MFA candidate in Poetry at Emerson College.


Bob Sykora

Bob Sykora is a former high school teacher originally from Los Angeles. He is currently an MFA candidate at UMass Boston and the poetry editor for Breakwater Review.

Alleliah Nuguid

Alleliah Nuguid is a Boston University MFA candidate from Fremont, California. Her poems have appeared in The New York Times Learning Blog, Permafrost Magazine, the Poets 11 anthology, and, anonymously, an unauthorized mayoral biography. She holds a BA in English from Northwestern University.

Julia Rubin

Julia Rubin is an MFA candidate at UMass Boston. She writes short stories, personal essays, and poems. As an educator, she uses creative writing as a tool for literacy and empowerment. Other hobbies include exploring new and familiar cities, cooking, chilling out on lakes, and getting really excited for karaoke and then chickening out. Also, she thinks the people in her life are pretty great.

James N Stone

James N. Stone, with a B. A. from Brandeis University and Doctor of Psychology from the William James College of Professional Psychology, is the recipient of the Robert Fitzgerald Translation Prize from the University Professor’s Program at Boston University, The Greek Translation Award from the Translation Center at Columbia University, and a fellowship from the National Endowment of the Humanities to the Literary Translation Institute at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is an active member of the Advanced Greek Translation Workshop at Harvard University and the Paros Translation Symposium. His poems have been published in Poeticanet, and translated in Modern Greek by the distinguished port and translator, Katerina Anghelaki Rooke. His translations into English of Ancient and Modern Greek poetry are widely published.

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