Breakwater Reading: School’s Out For Summer


We did it. Seriously, summer is actually here. We hope you’ve been outside enjoying the glory of life after winter as much as we have. Join us to celebrate the heat and the launch of Breakwater Review Issue 13 with readings by the talented MFA students from BU, Emerson, and UMass Boston.

Join us Friday, June 19, at 7pm sharp in the basement of the Brookline Booksmith.

Also make sure to look out for Issue 13 of Breakwater Review at The new issue features work from from Leslee Becker, Jacqueline Jones LaMon, Danielle Legros Georges, and many more.

Here’s a line-up of our readers:


Grant Bonnier is an MFA candidate in fiction at UMass Boston where he is finishing a short story collection entitled “All the Pretty Things We Don’t Talk About.” He is originally from Miami and while he appreciates your enthusiasm, he doesn’t need to be reminded that the weather here is different. He is aware.


Tobi Earnheart-Gold is currently completing an MFA in Creative Writing at Boston University. Previously, he lived in a Buddhist monastery in Southern France. He has also spent time working as a shepherd on the island of Crete.


Mafaz Al-Suwaidan was born in Oklahoma, raised in Kuwait, went to college in Canada, and now lives in the Boston Public Library. She is an MFA fiction student at Emerson College. Her work often explores the delicate moments where identity is torn between tradition and modernity.


Sally Burnette is an M.F.A. candidate at Emerson College in Poetry.  Her recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in Stolen Island, Contraposition, The Great American Poetry Show, the Outrider Review, Clockwise Cat, and others.  She’s not going to make you listen to any other dumb facts.

Jason Simon-Bierenbaum


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