Breakwater Reading: Cabin Fever Antidote

You’ve been sitting at home too often this winter. Maybe you’ve started reading books aloud so your voice can keep you company. Or maybe you’ve become overly familiar with the voices of your housemates. You may have even begun to find things to hate about them that are completely innocuous.

Attending Breakwater will not end winter or make your housemates’ shower singing more in tune, but it will get you out of the house and give you a chance to listen to talented MFA students from UMass, Emerson, and Boston University. Join us tomorrow, Friday, February 20 at 7pm sharp at the Brookline Booksmith.

Where to Find Us

On February 20th: The Brookline Booksmith
More specifically: 7pm, Coolidge Corner, 279 Harvard Street, Brookline

Here’s a sneak peek at our line-up of readers:


Joshua Jones is a second year MFA candidate in poetry at UMass Boston. Originally from the Shenandoah Valley area of Virginia, Josh serves as the book review editor for Appalarts Magazine which promotes the work of Appalachian writers and artists. He lives in Dorchester with his wife Lesleigh and their dachshund Guinivere. He jealously guards his position as the premature old fogey in workshop.

Profile Pic 1

Billy Hart Tierney is an Instructor for the First Year Writing Program and pursuing his MFA in Poetry at Emerson College. He wants his poetry to find a moment of empathy that rests somewhere between absurdity and reality. Or as he imagined James Tate said about Mr. Tierney’s work, “You can’t tell where Tierney’s writing is going to go. He may start with tragedy and end with comedy, or abandon both for a man you doesn’t know whose shit he slept in.” (Source The Poet’s Warped Mind)


Courtney Prather was an MFA candidate in fiction at Emerson, but then she graduated in December 2014. Since then she has been expanding her final thesis into a full-fledged historical novel. When she’s not obsessively listening to Russian history podcasts, Russian folk songs, or watching documentaries on Russian ballerinas, she makes a living by writing freelance articles by contract. She also loves to paint and dance- though not at the same time.

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Jennifer Murphy writes Fiction. She is an Arizona native living in Boston where she is an MFA candidate in the fiction program at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. She is the recipient of a Kathryn and Gelndon Swarthout award in creative writing, a Randel and Susan McCraw Helms Writing Award, and most recently the Mary Doyle Curran Scholarship. When not writing she tries to find edible Mexican food in and around New England. She is currently working on a collection of female coming of age stories, set in the southwest, titled, What You’re Made Of.


Michael Mandlin is originally from New York.  He enjoys sunsets, long walks on the beach, and puppies.


A native Michigander, Jessica Suzanne Stokes currently attends Boston University’s MFA program and sometimes calls herself a poet.


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