Breakwater Reading: Back in Winter White

White WhaleIt’s a new year, and each day Boston seems to be donning a new layer of snow. Don’t let the weather stop you from walking to the Brookline Booksmith this Friday. Don a scarf and avoid checking the windchill (unless you’re fond of negative numbers).

Start the year off right at the Brookline Booksmith! On Friday, January 16 at 7pm sharp, writers from UMass, Emerson, and BU will be showcasing their talents.

Where to Find Us
On January 16th: The Brookline Booksmith
More specifically: 7pm, Coolidge Corner, 279 Harvard Street, Brookline

Here’s a sneak peek at our line-up of readers:

Leigh Clouse is a MFA candidate in fiction at Boston University. A Michigander and a native of the Midwest, Leigh comes to Boston this year after teaching digital media at a Chicago high school. When not writing stories about dysfunctional families, Leigh enjoys drinking too much tea, making lists, and finding rare and exotic typos.

Johnette Marie Ellis calls Boston home. She worked in the non-profit sector for 10 years, serving primarily as a community builder and advocate for the redistribution of power and access through programs and policy. Now Johnette has her sights set on harnessing the power and influence of creativity as an educator and poet. She’s an MFA candidate at Emerson College in Poetry, looking for new strategies and questions to nurture a mission driven path. Currently she works with emersonWRITES as a poetry teacher and as an instructor in Emerson’s First Year Writing Program. Ultimately she wants to support others as they seek to discover their superpowers—yet she hasn’t quite found her own.
Navarro pic_
Marisela Navarro was born in Puerto Rico, grew up in Orlando, Florida, and lives in Boston, Massachusetts.  She received a doctorate in pharmacy from the University of Florida and is an MFA candidate in fiction at Emerson College. She’s been writing since she was seven years old and wrote a story called “The Velveteen Rabbit” before she knew what plagiarism was. Her short fiction has been published in SmokeLong Quarterly, the anthology Flash Fiction Funny, Wigleaf, 100 Word Story, and Matchbook.
Elysia Smith
Elysia Smith is an Indiana prom queen turned rebel witch-poet and punk rock enthusiast. She currently studies at UMass Boston and is getting her MFA in poetry. Despite being known round the yard as a poet, Elysia also writes fiction loosely based on her experiences being dragged by her parents across country away from her counter-culture California family to a bible-belt town of four thousand. Perhaps the best summation of this experience can be drawn from her past MySpace page where she once stated, “I’m just a desert rose transplanted among the children of the corn.” Only, she definitely spelled “desert,” as “dessert” but that’s probably more accurate anyway.


Bojana Totovic is a candidate in poetry at Boston University. She comes from a country in the southeast corner of Europe, called Serbia. She started writing poetry thanks to a creative writing course conducted in English, when she wasn’t sure she could write poetry at all or what it really was. Now she is here. Her ambition in life is to travel, be happy, and make stuff.
Lori Zimmermann
Lori Zimmermann is an MFA candidate in poetry at UMass Boston. She writes poems about apocalypses and the telegraph. She is also the Tumblr Editor for small publisher/guerrilla art project Broadsided Press. When she is not clacking away at her typewriter or laptop, she enjoys spinsterly hobbies like knitting and talking about her cat. Publication credits include poems in Broad! and Writers Tribe Review.


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